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Alvin Uy, the self-made high net worth entrepreneur from Los Angeles, is a man who has turned adversity into opportunity. Born to first-generation immigrant parents and facing the obstacle of dropping out of college, Alvin unleashed his untapped potential through his entrepreneurial spirit, boundless drive, and a love of design and innovation. With a solutions-oriented mindset and a critical and creative approach to problem-solving, Alvin has built multiple successful businesses.


In 2013, Alvin introduced the world to SoapSox, a children’s bath product unlike any other. When SoapSox appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” the following year, it wowed the sharks and viewers alike by turning down a $1 million buyout offer from three investors. However, Alvin was just getting started. With a combination of product design expertise and a determination to succeed, he launched SoapSox into multiple markets and made it a product sold around the world in mass-market retailers. The innovative product even won an award for its design.


While mastering his craft in design and product development, Alvin never lost sight of his true passion: real estate. With over 19 years of experience in the industry and a decade of honed skills in value-add investments, property management, construction, rehabbing distressed homes, fix and flip, and creative financing, Alvin now boasts a multi-family portfolio spanning multiple states. In recent years, he has set his sights on tackling the housing crisis in Southern California by focusing on SB9 and the production of ADUs.


As a husband, father, older brother, and friend to many, Alvin is dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with those around him. Inspired by his humble beginnings, he is driven by a mission to extend his parent’s legacy while helping others achieve a higher degree of personal excellence and exceed their own expectations.


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In the bustling landscape of the Los Angeles real estate market, an exciting trend is rapidly gaining momentum, offering homeowners and investors a golden opportunity to maximize their property’s potential like never before. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and the strategic utilization of California’s SB9 laws have emerged as game-changers, reshaping the way properties are developed,

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